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Products that are hand picked by our staff members. They showcase some of the most impressive and beautiful designs and fabrics.


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Cinnamon Alpine/Seal Simple Minky MamaCinnamon Alpine/Seal Simple Minky Mama
Chocolate Tiger Seal Simple ThrapChocolate Tiger Seal Simple Thrap
Maui Heather Hide Simple ThrapMaui Heather Hide Simple Thrap
Minky Mamas is absolutely amazing! The quality and service is second to none. I will cherish my blanket forever.
The blankets are high quality. I consider them works of art. The people at Minky Mama are wonderful. They are truly genuine, honest and caring.
I was super skeptical on a minky blanket but guys it’s so worth it! The quality is worth it. You get what you pay for! They are so amazing, I am obsessed now!!
Washing and Caring for Your Minky Mama’s Blanket

Washing and Caring for Your Minky Mama’s Blanket

Now that you have finally got your hands on a luxurious Minky blanket, how do you wash it? There are a variety of suggestions for washing a Minky blanket, and today we want to share the ones we fi...