Washing and Caring for Your Minky Mama’s Blanket

Washing and Caring for Your Minky Mama’s Blanket

Now that you have finally got your hands on a luxurious Minky blanket, how do you wash it? There are a variety of suggestions for washing a Minky blanket, and today we want to share the ones we find best.

How to Wash a Minky Blanket

As you may know, Minky is a unique, plush fabric. Comprised of polyester, Minky is softer than fleece and can have the illusion of fur. So, what are the best practices for washing and caring for your Minky?

Machine Washing

You can wash your Minky blanket in the washing machine. We find it’s best to use cold water only, and to wash the Minky by itself. Do not add it to your other laundry, such as clothing or bedding. Minky’s do have a tendency to shed, and you don’t want to encourage it by doing a big load of washing all at once.

When machine washing your Minky Mama’s blanket, it is best to use traditional liquid laundry detergent; avoid using pod detergent. When machine washing a Minky, you don’t have to worry about it shrinking since it is polyester. 

How To Prevent a Minky from Shedding

Some suggestions for washing a Minky blanket include the use of fabric softener. While this might help reduce shedding and the accumulation of static, it may negatively affect the lifespan of your favorite blanket. Instead of fabric softener, when you machine wash, you can add a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to your washing machine. 

  • ¼ Cup baking soda
  • ⅓ C white vinegar

This combination of natural ingredients can actually be used instead of laundry soap. Or, you can use it as an additive to help prevent a Minky from shedding, and ensure it always smells fresh and clean.

How to Dry a Minky Blanket

While it may be tempting to throw your Minky blanket in the dryer so you can snuggle it as soon as possible, it is not recommended. The dryer can break down your Minky and cause a lot of static. 

The best way to dry a Minky blanket is to hang dry. Whether indoors or out, air-drying your Minky Mama’s blanket can prolong its life and keep static at bay. However, if you absolutely must put your Minky in the dryer, be sure to use a tumble dry or air setting. Use the dryer to tumble your Minky until it is mostly dry and then, if possible, remove the blanket and allow it to hang until fully dry. 

Have Questions About Caring for Your Minky Mama’s Blanket? Just Ask!

We hope if you’ve been wondering how to wash and care for your Minky blanket that this helps! We know these are special keepsakes and we want them to last as long as possible. If you ever have questions about our handmade items, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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