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Threads: Makenzie Whatcott

This months Threads Spotlight is Makenzie Whatcott. Makenzie has been designing, selling and admining at Minky Mamas for 2 years! We are always grateful for Makenzie's hard work and dedication.  Makenzie is married...

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Minky Mamas Rewards Program

We're excited to announce that we've launched our Minky Mamas Rewards Program! You can now earn 2 points for every $1 spent. This applies to both our live shows and...

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The Ma Miller Story - A Life of Love

Beth “Ma” Miller was always an amazing seamstress. She sewed 10 wedding dresses (including her own), clothes for her kids, and even a suit for her husband, Neil! If Grandma...

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The History of Minky Fabric

The rise in popularity of the Minky blanket can’t be denied. Billboard advertisements have popped up all along Utah’s freeways, Minky Mamas’ Facebook Live events have grown into major gathering...

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How Fabric Gets Its Color

Dyeing fabric is one of the oldest industries in the world, with the very earliest dyeing instruments being dated at 400,000 years old. Throughout the majority of human history, fabrics...

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The Science of Blankets

There is something about wrapping yourself in a blanket that feels sublime; the softness of Minky fabric around the skin; the heat all about you; the security of being separated...

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Long-Lasting Minky Baby Blankets

How many people do you know who still have their baby blanket? Do you? We love the thought of a baby blanket sticking with someone beyond the toddler years. We...

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A Wonderful World of Fabrics

Did you know that the word textile comes from the Latin word “textilis”, which means “to weave”? Textiles encompass any filament, fiber, or yarn that can be made into fabric...

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The History and Art of Hand Sewing

There’s something very special about handmade gifts like hand-sewn blankets and scarves. Whether making one yourself or receiving one, it’s easy to feel the love and care the maker put...

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A Blanket of Comforting Words

It’s challenging to have a good day these days: the news is dire, the weather is changing, the days are growing shorter, and practically everyone you know is struggling with...

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