Minky Blankets and Your Favorite Pet

Minky Blankets and Your Favorite Pet

Minky blankets aren’t just for people; pets love them too! There are a variety of ways you can provide your pet with a Minky Mamas blanket so you can both cuddle up in comfort.

Your Pet Wants a Minky Blanket Too

Who wouldn’t want a plush, Minky blanket during a nap or at bedtime? If it’s something that brings security to humans, why not to your favorite pet, too? Here are some ways we love using Minky blankets for pets.

Mini Minky

If you are welcoming a young pet into your home, such as a puppy or a kitten, it can be helpful to offer them a comfort item such as a blanket or stuffed animal. If your new pet isn’t a breed prone to strong chewing, a mini Minky Mamas blanket can be a perfect choice. Some pets like to have something they can curl up with to mimic their own mother and siblings and a plush Minky, whether long or short pile, can do the trick. A small version of a Minky blanket ensures your pet will be able to tote their blanket around, much like a toddler with a lovey.  It may sound silly, but it really can provide comfort to your new little family member. Additionally, we think a hand-sewn Minky Mamas blanket is the perfect gift for established pet family members as well. Why not give your favorite pet a soft landing spot that is easy to move around the house?

Minky Pet Bed

Speaking of soft landing spots, have you ever thought about a Minky pet bed? Dogs and cats often love sinking into a fluffy bed, and it can be even more relaxing and enjoyable when it’s lined with Minky. Provide a little extra warmth for your pet with a custom-made bed; you could do an entire, washable cover in Minky, or perhaps embellish just the center of the bed.

Minky Furniture Protection

If you allow your pets onto the furniture, you may want to consider a Minky lined blanket to offer protection to your cushions. It’s also a great way to designate a part of the car for your pet when it comes time to go on adventures together. Use a Minky Mamas blanket with a waterproof backing to provide an extra layer between your pet and your couch or car seats! Not only will your beloved fur baby have a luxurious place to lay down, but you can preserve the life of your furniture.

Since Minky Mamas’ blankets are machine washable, we love all of these options for your furry family members. If one of our talented moms or grandmas can help you make a Minky pet blanket, please let us know!

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