The History of Minky Fabric

The History of Minky Fabric

The rise in popularity of the Minky blanket can’t be denied. Billboard advertisements have popped up all along Utah’s freeways, Minky Mamas’ Facebook Live events have grown into major gathering places for blanket aficionados, and every holiday, birthday, and graduation is no longer complete without the gift of a luxuriously soft throw blanket. Thanks to its versatility, Minky products are perfect for adults and children alike, with blankets big enough for two (or three), and baby apparel soft enough for any newborn. As Minky mania continues to maintain this phenomenal fever pitch, true believers and newcomers alike will undoubtedly begin to ask the real questions; questions like, “what is Minky fabric and how is it so soft?” “Is Minky natural or when was it invented?” “How durable is Minky?” “Are they only good for blankets or can I find Minky elsewhere?” Happily, a love of Minky will increase one’s desire to know about it, which, upon learning more, will only serve to increase their love. So, let’s explore the interesting story of Minky fabric﹘its history, its uses, and where to find the best Minky products.

The history of Minky fabric is really one with two beginnings. The first beginning is a molecular one, concerning the discovery and synthesis of polyester, the fabric Minky is made from. Polyester is one of the most recognizable and marketable polymer fabrics in the world, with dozens of tons of fabric being made and sold each year. Forms of polyester have appeared naturally in the world, the molecules appearing in the fleshy parts of plant leaves, or being produced by ground-nesting bees which use the polyester to line their soil-laden habitats. Synthetically, the polyester that we know and love was invented for mass production in Great Britain in 1928, with innovative patents being filed periodically ever since. The second history of Minky occurs nebulously around the turn of the last decade. Much like the genealogy craze that struck the country in the mid-19th Century, causing multiple societies to become established all within a short time from one another, the Minky revolution hit the scene for Minky Mamas and other business at the same time, between 2008-2010. While the definitive invention of Minky fabric is lost to history, the technique of using 100% polyester to create a new cozy fabric began to sweep the nation as the reputation for plush blankets became common knowledge among the inner circles of friends and family.

Now that the secret was out about this luscious new fabric, products of all sorts began to be hand-stitched and sold. In fact, some of Minky Mamas’ most popular products span a wide range of items, including: Giant 60×84 blankets made for two (or three) Mini 20×20 blankies perfect for toddlers and pets Hand-stitched bags Comfortable face masks T-shirts Baby blankets It is this versatility that has contributed much to the rise in popularity of Minky fabric and Minky products. From baby apparel to scarfs, or from trick-or-treat bags to face masks, Minky can elevate the quality and comfort of any product; all it takes is a little creativity and a needle. Minky Mamas Makes Minky's For All The truth about Minky products is that their comfort is a sensation that has to be felt to be believed. Once you’ve been handed your first Minky blanket, it’s hard to go back to any other type. There are, however, benefits to variety within the Minky community. For instance, Minky Mamas specializes in handstitched, quilted blankets, following the tradition of quilting laid down by generations of moms and grandmothers that have gone before. When you hold a quilted Minky blanket, one can actually feel the effort, care, and love that went into making it; there is no impersonal factory work going on here. Each Minky is made exactly like grandma used to do. Truly, a quilted Minky has inherent qualities that stand out from other typical Minky blankets﹘a difference that must be felt to be believed. Stop by our store to see all the styles, colors, and sizes that our team of Mamas has put together, and wrap yourself up in the warmth of generations.

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