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Minky Mamas Baby Blankets – More Than Just a Blanket

Minky Mamas Baby Blankets – More Than Just a Blanket

If you’ve ever witnessed a child, or even a pet, carrying their blanket around the house, you know it’s much more than just a blanket. As adults, we tend to lose some of the magic and imagination that easily comes to children. We look at a blanket and see just that- a blanket. It’s something to keep us warm in bed or when we settle onto the couch. But for kids, a Minky Mamas baby blanket is so much more. Why Baby Blankets are Important We’ve shared before how important a baby blanket is. When you’re getting a newborn used to being a part of this strange, big world, having a familiar comfort item can help establish a routine. A blanket or lovey can carry mom’s and dad’s scents so baby can always feel close to its parents. Baby blankets can help teach little ones to self-soothe and feel secure in their surroundings. But there’s so much more. More Than a Blanket Whether it’s used for playing peek-a-boo, carrying cumbersome loads, or maybe doubling as baby apparel, a baby lovey is more than a blanket. That’s why we think our custom, hand-sewn Minky lovies make some of the best gifts. Reasons to Give or Get a Minky Mamas Blanket Since our baby blankets and baby apparel can be customized, they make thoughtful gifts. If you think your recipient is too young or old for a Minky blanket, think again! Minky Mamas Blankets are Like a Hug – When you can’t be near the ones you love, consider giving a blanket in place of a physical hug. Our various sizes allow for even the most grown kids to wrap themselves in a hug from you. 

Blankets for Play – As mentioned, there are many nontraditional uses for our Minky Mamas blankets. We suggest getting playful with the following: Use your Minky Mamas baby blanket to build a fort or tent. Drape it over a few chairs, a small table, or over the top of a crib and you have an inviting new play place for the day. Lay your lovey on the floor and use it to zip around the house at top speeds! Your blanket can magically transform into a magic carpet, a boat, or even an airplane as it’s pulled on a smooth surface with small cargo on board. Who hasn’t draped a blanket over their shoulders to become a superhero? Wear your Minky Mamas blanket to fight crime or solve mysteries around the house. Help your kids or grandkids create lasting memories by giving the gift of a Minky Mamas baby blanket. And don’t be afraid to get inventive and transform that blanket into something more adventurous!

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