Minky Means More

Minky Means More

You’ve heard our own “mama” say it so many times: you get what you pay for. Now, it’s also true that you get what you can pay for: as you constantly work hard, battling through the rising costs of items and depressed wages to meet your family’s needs at the most cost-effective price, sometimes you’ve found that you’ve had to cut some corners. You clip coupons and you save wherever you can, but you also have to remember that—even though cutting costs on certain items has helped your bottom line—there are some items that are simply worth a larger portion of your paycheck, because you and your family deserve the best. So, why do Minky Mamas’ custom microfleece blankets cost more than the average microfleece blanket? It’s because a Minky Mama blanket is anything but average, and your family deserves the very best available in quality and comfort. 

Fleecing the Competition

If you’ve ever snuggled up beneath a Minky Mama blanket while you’ve sat with your loved one beside the fireplace, wrapped up in a Minky during a long road trip and a night under the stars, or watched as your children have staked their claim in your living room with a blanket fort fortified by your durable Minky throws, then you know that Minky Mamas are simply superior: the combination of the incredible softness of a Minky Mamas’ microfleece—as well as the handcrafted feel and construction of each blanket—-makes a Minky Mama worth more.

Made in the USA

Minky Mamas are made locally in Utah. You know the importance, now more than ever, of supporting businesses that sustain the livelihoods of your friends, your families, and your neighbors; you know that we’re stronger together. When you purchase a Minky Mama, you’re purchasing a quality blanket that you can feel in every seam, and you’ll be able to pass on that quality—and that commitment to support local businesses—to your family. 

Our network of quality seamstresses based in Utah is comprised mostly of stay-at-home mothers and grandmothers, who are all experienced craftswomen dedicated to the art of sewing. Big businesses bypass many of those in need of employment, and sometimes turn their noses at employment-seekers who are also raising families. Minky Mamas employs the best of the best, and values true community and connectedness: a superior quality that is severely lacking in other businesses. When you can reach out to the very person who handcrafted your blanket, then you know that your loved ones are snuggled under an item that has had love sewn into every stitch. 

We Put the “Us” in Cottage “Ind-US-try”

When you purchase from Minky Mamas, you’re supporting a business that employs artisans who’ve mastered a time-honored tradition, to ensure that the sewing and quilting skills that have been passed down for generations in our state will remain to be passed onto the next. The quality of crafting and material, felt in every microfleece blanket, will inspire you and your family to create for yourselves as well. You’re worth the cost of that personal touch. Cut corners where you can, but never cut corners on your loved ones’ comfort and well-being, and let a Minky Mama blanket warm what truly matters.

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