A Minky in Your Baby’s Crib

A Minky in Your Baby’s Crib

What’s in Your Baby’s Crib?

So, what kinds of accouterments belong in your baby’s crib with them at night? Be wary of blankies if your baby is less than 12 months of age. If your baby is less than a year old—whether or not your baby is awake, playing, or napping—no blankets or toys should be in the crib with them overnight. That’s because blankets, no matter their material or size, can increase the risk of smothering, suffocation, or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Of course, this also means that you shouldn’t leave pillows, comforters, toys, or any other soft objects in your baby’s crib when you’re not around to supervise them. Please make certain that your baby is the only thing in the crib as you lay them down to sleep.

Too Hot, Too Cold, or Just Right?

Of course, you probably worry that without a soft, warm, and cozy microfleece blanket that your baby will catch a chill at night, and won’t be able to sleep as comfortably as you want them too. Babies, though, almost always retain enough heat to stay comfortable via their outerwear alone. Just be sure to keep your baby’s room at a comfortable temperature (typically at around at least 70 degrees) and dress them in no more than one extra layer than you would wear. Pick out soft fabrics that breathe, move with your child as they move, and fit your baby well. Warm and stretchy “footie” pajamas and sleep sacks are popular choices. Check-in on your baby intermittently to make sure they’re sleeping comfortably, and aren’t too hot or cold: if their chest feels hot and they’re breathing quickly or sweating, they might be too warm; if your baby’s chest feels cool, then wrap them up in a soft blanket under your supervision, and maybe add a layer of clothing after you’re ready to put them back to bed.

Everyone in the Crib, Get Minky

After your baby’s first birthday bash, feel free to leave that Mini Minky microfleece blankie—and a few other plush favorites—in the crib with them overnight.  After a year’s worth of growth, most babies will have grown dextrous enough to roll over and move blankets away from their face if needs be, which reduces the risk of SIDS dramatically. If you’re worried that your baby isn’t ready, talk to your pediatrician about how far they’ve come developmentally.  

The Right Plush

Now that your baby is ready for some company in their crib, which quality items make the cut? Whichever items you choose, keep them soft, keep them sweet, keep them light, and keep them comforting. In your baby’s room, maintain a delicate balance of white noises and soft lighting to help them snuggle up to their blankies and stay asleep. Remember that your baby will wake up periodically, so keep the toys “quiet,” and save the hyper-stimulating toys for playtime during the day. For your peace of mind, use a baby monitor to keep an “ear out” when you can’t keep an “eye out,” and be present with them when you are together. Wrap them up with love in our incredibly soft, yet durable, custom microfleece blankies. Give them a gift that’ll last forever, and a keepsake that you can both treasure well past the days that they’ve outgrown their crib. 

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