Giving the Gift of Minky Mamas: Custom is Key

Giving the Gift of Minky Mamas: Custom is Key

During these uncertain times, it may be hard to feel connected to the ones we love. We think gifting a custom blanket is one way to help you feel closer to friends and family who are far away.

Gifting a Custom Blanket

When it comes to customizing a Minky Mamas blanket, you have a number of options. From size to colors, patterns to logos, our mothers and grandmothers are happy to help make it happen. We have a variety of Minky blankets to offer, and we’re ready to work with you to customize a blanket for the ones you love. 

Minky Mamas Blanket Sizes

Our plush, Minky blankets range in size from 

  • Infant Size – This mini Minky blanket measures 36 x 36 inches. It’s perfect to give to an expecting parent, or to a little one on his or her first birthday. We also love this size for pets! 
  • Lap Size – At 36 x 48 inches, Lap Sized Minky blankets make a great custom gift for bigger kids, or for your friends who love to travel. They make great cuddle blankets in the car or on airplanes to help keep legs warm. The Lap Size Minky is also perfect for taking to the movies.
  • Throw Size – For a custom housewarming gift, consider a Throw Size Minky Mamas blanket. You can choose the color palette to complement the decor, or go with something neutral that can be enjoyed in any room of the house. We especially love this size for teens getting ready to head off to college. You might want to get a custom Minky blanket in their school colors, or their favorite sports team.
  • Minky Mama Size – Measuring at 60 x 84 inches, the Minky Mama sized blanket is massive, and makes a perfect custom gift for newlyweds. Go with their wedding colors, or with a logo that represents a common love between the couple such as where they met or went on their first date.
  • Simple MM – The largest Minky Mamas blanket is a whopping 60 x 86 inches. We love this as another option for couples, or families. This size is perfect for cuddling up together to watch movies at home, or spread out for a cozy meal at the park or just in the backyard. 

Custom Minky Blankets

If you need ideas for gifting a custom blanket we have a bunch! Our expert seamstresses have a lot of experience creating custom Minky blankets and the following are some popular themes:

  • Disney
  • Holiday
  • Sports Teams
  • School Colors
  • Animals
  • Alphabet

If you have something in mind, please feel free to reach out and brainstorm with our team. 

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