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How is Minky Fabric Different?

Have you ever wondered what makes Minky blankets so much more special than other blankets? People are willing to pay more for a Minky blanket, and you may be wondering...

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A Minky in Your Baby’s Crib

What’s in Your Baby’s Crib? So, what kinds of accouterments belong in your baby’s crib with them at night? Be wary of blankies if your baby is less than 12...

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Minky Means More

You’ve heard our own “mama” say it so many times: you get what you pay for. Now, it’s also true that you get what you can pay for: as you constantly work hard, battling...

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The Perfect Minky Mama’s Dorm Room

Well, here it comes: after years of science projects, math homework, creative essays, sporting events, artistic performances, and standardized tests, your favorite high school student has finally graduated, and has...

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What is “Minky Fabric”?

Before we list off a few creative ways to utilize minky fabrics in your sewing projects, we’d like to explain a bit about minky fabrics in general, and why it...

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