Mamas Spotlight


My name is Trisha. I've worked at Minky Mamas for almost 4 years now.

I have 3 kids ages 16, 13 and 10. They love coming up with fun names for the stuffies and occasionally they will help me add the stuffing to them.

In my free time I help out sewing costumes and doing hair and makeup and photos for my oldest daughters high school color guard team. I also love to read and listen to podcasts, especially while I am sewing. Audiobooks are a wonderful thing.

My favorite minky fabrics are the Arctics. Arctic Fox, Arctic Rabbit, Arctic Owl, Arctic Chinchilla. I love the super thick plush feel of them. My favorite colors are the teal and the minty colors.

Random fact about me: In college I minored in ballroom dance and was a part of one of their ballroom teams.

I learned to sew from my mom when I was young and have been sewing for about 30 years now. I really got into it when my youngest was a baby and i was stuck at home because we only had one car. Sewing has brought me so many opportunities and I love that I was able to turn a hobby I love into a career. Working at Minky Mamas has been such a blessing, giving me the flexibility to stay home with my kids yet still be able to pay for all their extracurricular activities.