What is “Minky Fabric”?

What is “Minky Fabric”?

Before we list off a few creative ways to utilize minky fabrics in your sewing projects, we’d like to explain a bit about minky fabrics in general, and why it is the chosen material here at Minky Mamas. Minky is a unique type of microfiber plush fabric that is 100% polyester. Minky fabric is most comparable to a quality fleece while being at once softer, thicker, and warmer. We’re proud of our products—which are constructed of the highest quality minky fabrics—that end up in blankets that are durable, versatile, incredibly warm, and color fade-free. Minky fabric’s incredible softness makes it especially suited in the construction of baby blankets, clothing, and accessories: and, of course, our “Mini Minky” sized blankets are indeed the perfect fit for your little ones. However, we at Minky Mamas also believe that every one of us, regardless of our respective ages, deserves to be wrapped up in the cloud-like softness of a quality minky fabric blanket. As such, our blankets range from “Mini” to “Minky Mama” sized! 

Minky fabrics are so versatile, in fact, that they can be used in a myriad of sewing projects; both in ways you’d expect and in others that might surprise you. We’re especially excited to spotlight some minky fabric sewing projects that aren’t too difficult for even a novice to produce, are functional and long-lasting, and are beautiful to look at, too. Read on for some mink-spiration!

Go Ahead: Mink My Day

  • Throw blankets: who wouldn’t want to bury themselves beneath a giant minky throw blanket on a cold winter’s day? To take it a step further, who wouldn’t want to collect a dozen or more and build the ultimate blanket fort? Minky throws are easy to make, and they make superlative gifts. And if you’re looking to save some time, without settling for less than the ultimate in superior softness and construction, you can’t go wrong with ordering a throw (or a dozen!) from Minky Mamas. Order one (or a dozen!) today, and add its luxurious softness and warmth to your home.
  • Minky pillowcases: doesn’t that seem obvious? If you’re looking to add some sleepytime softness to your bedtime routine, you might consider sewing yourself a minky pillowcases. With such a wide swath of varieties of patterns to choose from, you can change up your plush minky pillowcase as often as your mood demands it. 
  • A minky bed for your pampered pet: if you’ve ever left a cheeky pet alone in your living room for longer than an hour, you may have noticed them snuggling up against your Minky Mamas throw blanket. It makes sense—how could even the most stalwart of pets deny themselves the lap of minky luxury! Consider sewing your pet a minky throw cover—basically, an oversized pillowcase—for their bed. Get ready for animal mink-netism. 
  • Try mink fabric for yourself: minky plush fabrics are durable enough to make comfy, warm apparel. It’s like wearing a Minky Mamas blanket wherever you go! Minky fabrics can be anything from light jackets to heavy coats, hats, vests, and scarves. Minky fabric has a great skin feel for all-day wearability, and the wide variety of colors can inspire a customized, one-of-a-kind outfit. 

Whatever the project, minky fabric is sure to surpass even the softest of expectations.

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