Getting Better Sleep with a Minky Blanket

Getting Better Sleep with a Minky Blanket

Regularly getting enough sleep can benefit your heart health, happiness, and ability to maintain a healthy weight. And a good quality Minky blanket from Minky Mamas can help you sleep better every night. Plus there are also lots of other benefits of sleeping with these amazing, handmade blankets.

Benefits of Sleeping with a Minky Blanket

Minky blankets are unique because of their exceptionally plush, cozy, and cuddly fabric. And, thanks to the durable material, the blankets retain their fluffy and smooth texture for years to come. Here are some other reasons why minky blankets are the best of the best!

Perfect Weight

The weight of the blanket is a crucial aspect to consider while selecting one for sleeping. Although it’s not actually weighted, minky fabric is one of the heaviest out there. The bonus is that it’s still supple enough to completely mold to your body, and you can move easily underneath it. Minky Mamas specializes in unique patchwork minky blankets, and because of the extra seams from sewing them our patchwork blankets are actually a little heavier than our simple minky collections.

Soft & Silky Texture

All of our minky fabrics are amazingly soft, and there are currently over 70 different textures! This means that there is definitely a minky texture that’s perfect for everyone. Some people love the thick plushness of our Seal or Arctic fabric, while others may prefer something with more smoothness but slight texture, like Embossed Paws. This is another great reason why we recommend our patchworks, because it’s a great opportunity for you to try a lot of different fabrics in one blankets so you can narrow down your favorites.

Regardless of which minky textures are your favorite, there is nothing like snuggling up with a cloud-like soft minky as you drift off to sleep.

Warm and Cozy Feeling

Minky blankets are incredibly warm and cozy because of the dense material. We definitely recommend Arctics, Joey or Mesa if you get cold easily and love to be nice and toasty as you cuddle.

Don’t worry, if you’re a hot sleeper (like me, takes nothing to make me sweat haha) there’s lots of great minky fabrics for you too! Hide, Pony, Luxe, Heather, Foxes and others are among my favorites - they’re cool to the touch when you first grab them, they’ll warm you up slightly but you’re still very comfortable temperature, and you get that unbelievably cozy and luxurious feeling without breaking a sweat.

Safe for Skin

Unlike wool blankets, a Minky blanket is hypoallergenic, so they do not aggravate skin rashes or allergies. They also are smooth and silky, and not itchy like a lot of other fabrics out there. Minkies are also harmless for babies because they do not induce allergic reactions. So, these suit infants, toddlers and pets who enjoy playing with the incredibly soft fabric. A word of caution though, once you get a minky you’ll never want to go back to regular blankets!

Calming Effect

Nothing is better than watching your favorite show with great snacks and cuddling with your loved ones. A minky blanket takes that experience to the next level! These amazing blankets also provide cozy comfort when you’ve had a hard day, are sick, or are just going through a rough time. Our minkies are made with love in every stitch, making them ideal for anything you might be dealing with.

We also have lots of customers who feel the different textures of our patchwork blankets as they drift off to sleep. They close their eyes and see which textures they can feel, and it helps clear their minds and let the worries of the day melt away. With these calming effects, our soft, cuddly blankets promote longer and better quality sleep.


If you or someone you know is struggling with their sleep, definitely try a minky! Our handmade minky blankets are made with durable, top quality, huggably soft minky fabric that have helped thousands of customers with anxiety, sleep, depression and more. We’ve got lots of different sizes, colors, textures and items, so you’re bound to find the perfect one. And you’re also supporting moms and grandmas to stay home with their kids! Check out our Minky Mamas Collection, and happy snuggling!

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