From Blankets to Masks, We Are Hand-Stitching Comfort

From Blankets to Masks, We Are Hand-Stitching Comfort
Here at Minky Mamas, we are known for our beautiful, hand-sewn blankets. We started our company as a way to share love and comfort with people everywhere with our super soft and cozy blankets. We understand that blankets are for everyone no matter their age because everyone deserves to be comfortable whether they’re feeling unwell or just unwinding on the couch with their family. We want to provide all of our customers with that feeling of security that a blanket provides. We are all active members of our communities as well. That’s why we realized how important it was for us to add fabric masks to our Minky Mamas inventory. Adjusting to Life During a Pandemic The pandemic has been a life-changing event for everyone in the world. Everyone has had to learn how to live in this post-COVID-19 world in their own way. Children have had to adjust to digital learning and a completely new school routine. Parents have had to juggle their work and making sure their children are getting the proper support and attention they need. Running errands and making trips to the grocery store have been made into something that requires much more forethought than ever before. Visiting family and friends has become virtually impossible for many. Vacations were canceled. We’ve also needed to consider the safety of ourselves and our loved ones in a completely new way. One of those ways was by incorporating masks into our daily lives. Everywhere you go people are wearing masks. You’ve probably seen them while you make runs to the grocery store or eat out at restaurants. Masks are something that experts are urging everyone to wear when they go out in public. But what’s the big deal? Can they help during this pandemic? The Importance of Masks On their own, masks will not provide complete protection from COVID-19. When you combine them with other preventative measures — washing your hands, practicing social distancing — they help to slow the spread of the virus. You may remember that at the beginning of the pandemic public use of face masks was not recommended by medical experts. Those same experts are now singing a different tune and many regret not recommending them in the early days. So what changed their minds? At the beginning of the pandemic, there were a lot of things happening all at once. There was a shortage of N95 masks that doctors, nurses, and other health professionals needed while working in hospitals with vulnerable patients. Medical experts wanted to make sure those important personal protection equipment (PPE) went to the people who needed them most. Medical experts also weren’t quite sure what to expect with COVID-19. This is a whole new virus and they didn’t know how fast the virus could spread before symptoms even appeared. It was also unknown that someone could have the virus without experiencing any symptoms. Now we know so much about the virus and masks play an important role in slowing the spread. Multiple studies have found that masks can significantly reduce the number of respiratory viruses that are emitted in droplets and aerosols. Another study was performed which looked at the number of deaths from coronavirus across 198 countries. It was discovered that countries where masks are part of the cultural norm or places where government policies favor mask-wearing had lower death rates. Masks 101 There are a variety of different masks that you can use when you go out. Surgical/Medical Mask – These loose-fitting disposable masks can protect the wearer’s mouth and nose from coming into contact with droplets, sprays, and splashes that could contain germs. They also filter out large particles in the air. These types of masks should be disposed of after every use so they’re not the best choice for keeping the environment clean. N95 Mask – This type of mask is a type of respirator that offers more protection than a surgical mask. It works by filtering out both large and small particles when the wearer inhales. The CDC requests that the public not wear this or any other type of mask made for healthcare workers. Cloth Mask – Cloth masks are the perfect option for the public because they are intended to trap droplets that the wearer releases when they speak, cough, or sneeze. They are reusable, easy to find, and easy to make. They also come in a wide variety of fun styles and patterns. What Makes Our Masks Special Minky Mamas is proud to offer our fabric masks to our customers. Our cotton masks are double-sided and have a built-in shapable wire that helps you get a closer fit across your nose. There is also a pouch for a filter if you want extra protection while wearing your mask. We understand how important comfort is, which is why we chose a super soft cotton material for our masks. Elastic loops can become painful on your ears after a while which is why our masks also feature a tie for added comfort! We have many beautiful patterns and colors to choose from as well. Pick-up one of Minky Mamas beautiful face masks today!

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