Pre-Order Floral Seal Prints

Exciting NEW SEAL PRINT available for PRE-ORDER!
What's the New Fabric?
We have never been so excited to introduce a new Shannon Fabrics minky to you! Once we felt these Seal Print fabrics we instantly fell in love, and literally dreamed and talked about them for weeks after! There are 4 colors/prints in stock, and are a MUST HAVE fabric for any minky lover!

How does it feel?
Seal Print Luxe is the must unreal, soft and plush minky fabric ever! It has a seal base, and feels like a mix between Baby Seal and Savanna - lightweight, perfectly smooth and unforgettably fluffy!

You can also check out this video link to see us show off the fabric in person:

When are these available?
You can pre-order these NOW! Click the link below to order your double sided Simple Minky Mama or Throw. Once your order is placed it will take about 4-6 weeks to complete your blanket, and we will email you every step of the way so you know where we're at in the process.

If you want a custom blanket but not double sided, please email and we will work with you on getting your custom blanket started. Thanks!

Simple Minky Mama
Simple Throw

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