Minky Blankets Made Differently

When we started Minky Mamas we were driven by a single goal: we wanted to provide comfort and joy to those around us the way our mother used to do. Growing up with a mother and grandmother who saw blankets as a sign of love, and who made them for their family, left a big impression on us. Thanks to that idyllic upbringing, we knew that we wanted to bring joy to the world around us through blankets, and how we were going to accomplish that.

Minkys by Mamas

If you were to visit our production facilities, you wouldn’t see the cold and dispassionate workings of an automated factory, churning out blankets six at a time. Even if that helped us more easily meet the demand our blankets have received, that style of production is antithetical to our creed. These are Minky blankets made by moms, daughters, nieces, and aunts, in the style and tradition of our heritage. We spent years looking for the softest fabric for our Minky blankets and now use it to make each one by hand. 

Our unique patchwork style sets our products apart from our competitors, allowing each blanket to not only evoke the feelings you may have felt, as your mother wrapped you in her favorite quilt, but each one displays a beautiful spectrum of color. Even our single-colored blankets celebrate the various hues and facets of that color to make for a more visually striking blanket.

Blankets for Parent, Child, and Baby

We’ve spoken before about how we believe that there’s a blanket for everyone. While we believe that every person deserves the love and comfort that a handmade blanket provides, we wanted to take that a step further and make a blanket perfect for each person in the family. To accomplish this, we often look at our own family for inspiration; infants, nieces and nephews, spouses, grandparents — all of different ages and interests. As such, our blankets range in color, design, and size so that every person who receives a Minky Mama blanket feels like it was handmade for them. 

We didn’t want to stop there, however. The hallmark of our upbringing was the consideration our mothers put into each one of their gifts, and so we’ve striven to broaden our perspective on what we could provide to our customers. We now make handbags of all types, from purses to clutches, to totes. And since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve started making the most comfortable and expressive masks available. Our die-hard fans can even buy a t-shirt for themselves or a loved one.

The Minky Mama Way

Minky Mamas blankets, whether they be for an aging parent, a newborn baby, or even just something for yourself, carries with it a promise: each one will be handmade, from the softest Minky fabric available, and after the style of a loving family tradition. That is the Minky Mama way. We value community, unity, comfort, and love, and can’t think of a better way to see that come true than through a Minky blanket.