Our Story

At Minky Mamas, who we are and what we do are one and the same. We seek to deliver comfort and warmth, not only through our Minky blankets themselves but also through the meaningful connections they create.

The Journey of Minky Mamas

Blankets have always meant love in our family. Mom would put blankets on us when we slept, and as we moved away, she would make each of us a blanket so we could get a hug from home whenever we were homesick. When we discovered Minky fabric over 12 years ago, the softness of the material matched the love in our stitches. We’re passionate about being able to spread that love to our family, and our Minky family that we have come to know through our blankets.

Our Mission

We believe that a blanket is a perfect symbol of comfort and love. There’s a bit of love behind every stitch and in every inch of unbelievably soft fabric. From the memories of the first blankets we ever loved to the ones we cozy up with today, we want to make sure your Minky memories are unforgettable. We create forever connections through our blankets!

A Blanket for everyone

Everyone remembers their favorite blanket growing up. Maybe it was the one you curled up with on the couch with a loved one. Maybe it’s the one your mom brought out of the cupboard when you were sick and needed a little extra comfort. From the tattered heirlooms to the brand new baby throws, a blanket is more than just a cut of fabric. Our purpose is rooted in the idea that a great blanket provides comfort and happiness. Our custom blankets warm the heart, calm the soul, and provide lasting feelings of security and bliss. We envision a Minky Mamas blanket in every home, and that’s why we continue to make every blanket from a place of love.

Friends, Family, Community

Throughout our journey to create the Minky Mamas you know and love today, we’ve involved our friends, family, and community in our process. We wanted to spread the joy of our blankets, but we couldn’t do it alone. That’s why we reached out to the talented seamstresses around us. By involving our community, we’re able to widen the Minky Mamas reach. We continue to make the highest-quality blankets while supporting our local economy, as well as the daughters, mothers, and grandmothers of the great Beehive State. Every Minky Mamas blanket is made with kindness, patience, and remarkable skill. Together we create a patchwork blanket of friendship, entrepreneurship, and opportunity.


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